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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer


Here is my idea of a perfect summer day! Enjoying time with the family on the lake. Usually I bring along a good book to read on the ride. Can never seem to have too many days like this. I’m hoping for many, many more this year!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


I took this picture in Pula, Croatia in January 2008. I love the picture and it’s very BLUE!

It is always so fun to look through the old pictures and it brings back so many good memories. A group of about 20 students and I spent 2 weeks touring around Europe, mostly Croatia and it counted for college credits! It was a great experience and I would love to go back and visit.

Weekly Photo Challege: Unfocused


For this weeks photo challenge I found this picture from a Lady Gaga concert. We were so high up and so far away it was hard to get any clear pictures. This is the opening of the concert before she even came out. It’s cool because it is her image on the big screen before they raise it to show the stage.

Lady Gaga Concert 2010

This second “unfocused” picture is Craig and me on our 1 year anniversary. He surprised me by taking me to dinner and then on a horse-drawn carriage ride. This photo is from my iPhone camera. I love this photo because it is one of the best from that night.

Craig & Me