Not Ashamed


I’m not ashamed. It’s Saturday night and I am home getting ready for bed and I couldn’t be happier. Craig left for work at 9pm and I am settling in for a relaxing night. We stopped at Best Buy tonight to check out some cameras. My birthday is one week from today and I’m thinking of purchasing new camera for myself. I was looking at getting a Canon but the gentleman at Best Buy also showed me some great Sony cameras. I am not very camera savvy so I need to check some reviews online before purchasing. So tonight I plan on doing a little camera shopping online and possibly finishing up the last 100 pages of Mockingjay. Chances are I will only be able to get through a few pages before falling asleep mid-sentence.

Today was my last day of work before I start my new job on Monday. It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone but I plan on stopping in to say hi soon!! Everyone was so sweet today and I will truly miss working there. After work today Craig and I went to a local coffee shop to watch my friend Amy perform some of her songs. I want to give a huge shout out to her for doing such an amazing job! It was her first live performance as dRea. She puts so much emotion and hard work into her music and I couldn’t be prouder. Please check her out! If you like her online you will love her live!


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