Baby Geese


One of the best things about spring is all the new baby animals! We have seen a lot of baby geese around town lately and they are just so cute! Craig was nice enough to pull over and take this picture for me yesterday. (After the crazy morning storm the day ended up being a very nice 80 degrees.) Its kind of hard to see the babies in this picture because they blend in so much with the grass. There are about 5 of them tho!

Geese and babies

Lone goose further down the road.

I borrowed this photo of baby geese because it is just so cute!

Baby geeseBaby geese (Photo credit: theseanster93)

On a side note Gus has to go to the vet in an hour for a check up and some shots. Poor baby. He has a terrible rash too so hopefully we can get that all figured out.


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