Yikes Storms


It has been gradually getting darker all morning and now it is starting to thunder and lightning. It looks like it is about 9pm it’s so dark out and 5 minutes ago it looked like it was 7pm. I’m not a huge fan of storms. I’m sitting here with my window open because its nice and cool outside but now the rain is starting to come through, dang. Now the satellite has just gone out. I was just looking at weather.com and it says “expect thunderstorms around 10:30am” Well it is 10:28 and it just started pouring. I would say that was pretty accurate. I don’t like this! I hope this ends soon cuz it’s not pretty outside. Baby hail has begun!

The good news is Craig’s grandma gave us a 3 inch thick memory foam mattress topper. She bought it for herself but it turns out it made her bed too high so she gave it to us. I love it! I have never slept so good. Every morning I am up around 6 with so much energy. I have the day off from work today and have already gotten so much accomplished. We are having a friend over for dinner so I’m doing some light cleaning and Craig has some food in the crock pot. It should make for a good night.

It seems like the storm is already settling down. Hopefully the storm will go out as quickly as it came in!


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