Today was inventory day at work. It turned out to be a very successful day and we actually finished up early. We all took lunch at the same time and had a pizza party which was fun.

Craig just got done painting the bathroom ceiling and it looks really nice! We went up to Menard’s and got a new shower curtain too which is exciting. It is actually the same one that we had before. It matches the wallpaper and the wall tile pretty well. We are hoping to take the wallpaper down this summer and paint. After that the bathroom should be completely, completely done (I hope). Craig is in total rework mode. He has just been working on everything lately but I have to say that everything is looking really nice.

I mentioned how Craig and all the guys played paintball last weekend. Well, Craig loved it so much that he actually bought a paintball gun online. He is so excited about it. He never fails to make me laugh. I hope that it pays off and he is able to go out and play often.

Just got done watching New Girl and now on to Fashion Star! What a good night for TV!


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