Gus’ Birthday Pictures


Here are the pictures from Gus’ birthday. He doesn’t like pictures so it’s hard to get good ones of him. I took these with the flash off so he didn’t realize I was taking them. In the first picture he is looking up at a treat that I am holding. In the second picture he is playing with his new raccoon birthday toy. We are careful what toys we buy him because he likes to chew them up and eat them. This one is good because it has no stuffing but has an empty water bottle inside. Well, we thought it was good. It has been 3 days and he has already 2 of the legs off. Silly dog.

Mark, my little brother, came over tonight to hangout. Him, Craig and I went out to dinner. We went to Jake’s City Grille. The food was awesome and we all had a good time. Now Craig has left for work and Mark and I are watching the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler. So far the movie seems alright. It has some pretty funny parts and its entertaining.

Well, back to watching the movie… 🙂


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