Chiropractor. I went to the chiropractor today because my back has ached for the past few weeks. She really cracked me up this morning and then had me go back this afternoon for a second adjustment. I knew it was hurting. I just got done icing and I’m already feeling better and I will be going back Friday.

I’m doing some cleaning and tidying around the house tonight because Craig and I both get frustrated when things get messy. I’m hoping he is very surprised how good it looks when he walks in the door tomorrow morning. I have to limit my activity though because I do not want to hurt my back. I just spent the last hour switching between Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Now I’m sucked in to the Behind the Scenes of Dancing with the Stars. So you can imagine how much cleaning is actually getting done. LOL

The best part about today was seeing a few friends and family and doing a little shopping. Here is Maureen and I at lunch today. She is my forever roommate because I will always consider her my roommate! It was so good seeing her today even though it was for such a short time (I will see you and Chrisbay more on Wednesday!).

Well, back to icing!

Maureen & Kristy


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