Fun Day



I had the day off work today so I decided to make a trip to Wisconsin to visit my parents. My mom and I just got done painting our nails with Shellac. It is so awesome! She did hers with red and mine are a charcoal color. We tried to take a picture but it just turned out really awkward.

This morning Craig and I took Gus to the dog park. He hasn’t been there in a while so he was very excited to run around and play with the other dogs. It’s always a good time. I am heading back home tonight so I can be with Gus since Craig will be at work tonight.

I had to call my interviewer today to do a mock phone call similar to the ones I would be doing on the job. It was pretty fun but of course I was a little nervous. He said that I did a good job and to take the weekend to see if this would be a job that would interest me. I am very interested. It will be a big change of pace from my current job but hopefully in a good way. I should find out next week whether I get hired!

My little brother, Mark, will be here tonight around 8. He works in Minneapolis and is driving up for the weekend. I am planning on staying here long enough to see him. We will just have to see where the day leads.

Well, time to help my mom cook dinner! YUM!



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