What a day! I had my interview this morning and it went surprisingly well. I have to call tomorrow to try to pretend to sell him something. This is primarily so he can hear my tone and personality over the phone. The job would be almost entirely on the phone which will be a big change from my current position. I’m excited! After my interview I had to head straight to work which was good. It kept my mind off my interview (for the most part), just can’t wait to hear back.

I want to give a shout out to the book Next-Day Job Interview: Prepare Tonight and Get the Job Tomorrow by Michael Farr and Dick Gaither. My review might be slightly skewed because I only got through about half the book yesterday but I think it is a great interview tool. It is very easy to read and straight to the point, which is good for people like me who get distracted easily. There are some pages for you to write out your strengths and skills. I actually did this and it is amazing how it really helped me convey more of my strengths during the interview. There are sample questions and answers that are very helpful and also tips for answering the questions they are really asking. It is written to apply to anyone no matter what stage in their career. I would recommend this book to everyone who has an interview whether it’s tomorrow or next week!

This morning Craig bought me a quart of chocolate milk at the gas station and it is already gone…I think I might have a problem. It’s so delicious.




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