Back to “Normal”


Craig and I are going to get back in to our routine of going to the gym tonight. It’s been about 2 weeks and we are feeling the difference. It will be nice to get back there. Hopefully, it will help to relieve the unwanted stress from job searching and what not.

Also, the bathroom is almost back to normal again too. Craig is working on installing the vanity now (picture to come). It’s been quite the process and its hard for Craig since he works 3rd shift. Can’t wait for it all to be finished!

I did stop and Barnes & Nobel yesterday and pick up a couple of books. I’m hoping to get Stedman Graham’s Identity: Your Passport to Success book finished very quickly. It looks like it will be a quick read. Maybe when I’m done I will have a better idea for the next step in my career. I did apply for a promotion at work today so we will see what comes of that in the next few weeks.

Op, we gotta run to Menard’s quick! We need a piece for the sink!



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