Interview Prep


I have a few interviews coming up in the next couple weeks so I am going to spend some time prepping. Interviews definitely aren’t my strong point but a little preparation will help. I’m thinking about heading over to Barnes & Nobel today to pick up a couple of books. The first book will probably be on interviews. I have searched the internet and have found tons of helpful websites, but a book might be the next step for me. So, if anyone has any recommendations for good interview books or any advice please let me know! Thanks!

The second book I am going to look at is one that my mom recommended. It is called “Identity: Your Passport to Success” by Stedman Graham. This book claims to help you with the process of understanding and discovering your identity.  Knowing who you are will help you become successful both personally and professionally. The reviews for this book seem really great and it definitely looks like one worth checking out.


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  1. What a great idea! I have never thought to look up interview pointers — I’m not one to prepare well for them. If the book is good, I definitely want to borrow it!!!

    And as for finding a new job… I guess you have to think about what makes you happiest. If what makes you happy is having normal hours and not working on the weekends, then that is something you have to consider. I know money can’t by happiness per say… but it does definitely help with stress by knowing you have some 😛 So I guess… make a pros and cons list… see which one weighs more!

    • Thanks for the advice!! It’s definitely a tough decision. I will let you know how the books are and you are more than welcome to borrow them 😀

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