There’s a toilet in my bedroom


Finally done with work for the day which feels great since it’s Saturday. Well, when I get home I walk in my room and there is the toilet. I find it funny because this isn’t something that I see everyday. Craig and Bob, a family friend, laid the new tile in the bathroom today. YAY! It looks awesome! Tomorrow they are going to do the grout and hopefully put in the new vanity and of course the toilet! (So sidetracked, just figured out how to change the color of the font).

New tile. Looks so good:)

Since we currently do not have a bathroom I am trying to stay away from liquids. Otherwise I might have to make a trip to the gas station or Target (which might be soon). Luckily, we will be out of the house tonight. Craig and I are going to visit my newly engaged cousin and her lucky fiancé! Soo happy for them!! It should make for a good night.

Now on to painting my nails…what color??


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    • Now that its all finished it looks great but doing the project can be frustrating at times! We went to put in the new door and the frames in the wall are sideways. Obstacles. Luckily there are people like you to help us out!

      • When you say the frames are “sideways,” what exactly are you indicating? Are the sides of the door jamb leaning to one side, and are they parallel? You can check this with a tape measure (I would check at least 5 places up and down the opening to make sure they’re the same distance apart. If they are parallel with each other the fix may be reasonably simple. Next, check the head of the door jamb to see if it is level.

      • Well seeing that I know close to zero about construction I would describe it as, instead of the door frame being 4 inches its just 2. I guess the 2×4 in the wall is turned. If that makes any sense. So now there is a 2inch gap between the actual wall and the frame.

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