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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together


Here is my first shot at the Weekly Photo Challenge! Some people (and animals) that are very important to me doing things TOGETHER 🙂

My dad with our cat Stanlie doing some yard work.

Craig and I at a luau themed party.


2 Weeks


Here comes the good bittersweet news….I was offered a job at the company I applied and interviewed! Today I put in my official notice of resignation at my current job which was very difficult. I am very excited for my new job though so that helped me get through. My start date is in 2 weeks! Last week I wrote about the book Next-Day Job Interview: Prepare Tonight and Get the Job Tomorrow and how great I think the book is. The book was very helpful in every aspect up to getting the job, but said nothing about how to quit your current one. It was very stressful and I ended up googling how to write a letter of resignation. It all turned out fine and everyone is very happy for me and my new opportunity! I am really going to miss all of my coworkers and the company but this is a really good opportunity to move forward with my career.

After work things got even better. My mom, aunt, and cousin, Sarah (who is newly engaged) went wedding dress shopping! She found the PERFECT most beautiful dress for her and when she rang the bell for good luck we all cried! It was such an awesome, emotional experience that I never want to forget! I am soo happy for her 😀  We went to dinner after and had a really nice time. Now we are all stuffed and happy.

The boys all go together and played paintball this afternoon. I will have to ask Craig about the details when he wakes up. He has to leave for work tonight at 9pm so he will be up soon. All I know is that they had a good time and I think Craig only got hit once, he is so sneaky! LOL


Spring Cleaning


This morning Craig and I went to breakfast with his parents. Every now and then we will do that and it is nice to spend some time with them. Then we came home took a nap and now we are dedicating the rest of the day to Spring Cleaning! Out with the old and in with the new! The house is starting to look really nice. Here is the picture of the finished bathroom at I promised. It’s a tiny room but it sure looks nice with the new tile and vanity!

Today is mostly dedicated to the bedrooms. I’m working on mine now and then I will work on Craig and my bedroom after he wakes up (yes, I have 2 bedrooms). I have Pandora blasting and I’m drinking coffee to keep me motivated. I am determined to get as much done as possible today. It’s a good day to be inside anyway because it is sprinkling today.

Tonight we might go out to dinner with some friends so I better get moving, I still have a lot to do!

Gus’ Birthday Pictures


Here are the pictures from Gus’ birthday. He doesn’t like pictures so it’s hard to get good ones of him. I took these with the flash off so he didn’t realize I was taking them. In the first picture he is looking up at a treat that I am holding. In the second picture he is playing with his new raccoon birthday toy. We are careful what toys we buy him because he likes to chew them up and eat them. This one is good because it has no stuffing but has an empty water bottle inside. Well, we thought it was good. It has been 3 days and he has already 2 of the legs off. Silly dog.

Mark, my little brother, came over tonight to hangout. Him, Craig and I went out to dinner. We went to Jake’s City Grille. The food was awesome and we all had a good time. Now Craig has left for work and Mark and I are watching the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler. So far the movie seems alright. It has some pretty funny parts and its entertaining.

Well, back to watching the movie… 🙂



The past 2 weeks have just felt so crazy. I feel like I haven’t had a slow day yet and I’m feeling it. So tonight I am in bed with a glass of wine and a book. I just got home from a 31 party that my aunt was hosting. It was my first time going to one of those parties and it was a lot of fun! I am excited to get my new bag!  It even made me more excited because last week I told my good friend that I would host a party for her. I think all the stuff is really cute and reasonably priced.

I’m keeping it short tonight so I can enjoy my wine and get a little reading in quick. Hopefully tomorrow I can write with some good news!!

Friends and Fun


I just spent the last 2 days with some of my best friends from out of town. They surprised me last night by coming into town early. We went to the casino last night for some good entertainment. We aren’t big gamblers but just enjoy hanging out and trying a few fun games. I ended up winning $30 which I thought was exciting.

Today after I gotdone working we spent some time walking around the Mall of America just doing a little shopping.  Craig came to meet up with us and we all had dinner at Buffulo Wild Wings. It made for a really good night and a fun past 2 days.

I am exhausted now and ready for bed. I have a few more big days at work until inventory Tuesday and hopefully by then I will know my status on my job situation. Hopefully I will get a phone call tomorrow with an offer, fingers crossed!